Training and consulting to create more dynamic and inclusive work environments for teams and clients in which people of different racial and other intersecting identities experience equitable outcomes.

Racial Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (REDI) Training


To develop awareness, common language, conceptual frameworks, and normalize conversation to analyze and address racial equity, diversity, and inclusion challenges

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Normalize personal introspection and conversation about important equity concepts and challenges
  • Identify key barriers to an inclusive and equitable workplace
  • Explore a framework of core REDI principles and practices
  • Actively engage in dynamic, impact-oriented professional development
  • Consider applications and accountability for acquired knowledge and tools
  • Workshop format: Phase 1 is a series of 4 workshops, each a standard 4 hours per workshop divided into 2 virtual sessions

Phase #1 Training Series Overview:  Racial Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Foundations 

EDI Mindfulness Training #1:

Racial Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Strategic Framing

Workshop Topics

  1. Key distinctions of equity, diversity, and inclusion
  2. Comparing approaches to equity, diversity, and inclusion work 
  3. How antiracism is essential to advance equity for all

EDI Mindfulness Training #2:

Intersectionality: Power & Privilege in Workplace Culture

Workshop Topics

  1. How our positions of privilege can perpetuate inequities
  2. Traits of a dominating workplace culture  
  3. Culture change with racial equity, diversity, and inclusion principles 

EDI Mindfulness Training #3:

Countering Bias in People and Practices

Workshop Topics

  1. Key attributes of bias and triggers 
  2. How bias reinforces structural inequity 
  3. Individual and institutional unconscious bias interventions

EDI Mindfulness Training #4:

Decision Making with a Racial Equity Lens

Workshop Topics

  1. Why: Decision making with a racial equity lens
  2. What: Essential attributes of a racial equity lens
  3. How: Application in decision making scenarios



To equip leaders, develop a roadmap, and pilot ideas to move the organization towards more sustainable racial equity, diversity and inclusion

Key Advisory Topics

  • Leadership Preparation
    • Prepare organizational leaders to utilize mindfulness to model principles and practices of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Changing organizational culture
    • Review of organizational climate, norms, policies, and communications impacting racial equity, diversity, and inclusion outcomes
    • Identification of historical context of inequities relevant to project work, and of necessary supports and resources to advance a strategic plan
  • Organizational course-setting
    • Defining guiding purpose
    • Identifying equity-centered essential goals and desired outcomes
  • Strategic planning
    • Guiding REDI principles and practices
    • Inputs from inclusive and equitable dialogue with most impacted stakeholders
    • Recommended stakeholder-informed strategic organizational objectives, guiding policy, and coordinated actions
    • Methods for measurement of progress and accountability
  • Implementation strategies utilizing an intersectional racial equity lens
    • Guidance for ongoing decision-making and action planning to transform organizational policies and protocols to become more sustainably equitable

Mindfulness Training


To equip teams with mindfulness tools to cultivate wellness, compassion, and stress reduction through easily-accessible somatic meditation practices for use in and outside of the workplace

Key Practice Benefits

There are numerous possible benefits to sustained mindfulness meditation practice, supported by neuroscience research, including:

  • Enhanced focus and clarity

  • Expanded capacity for compassion and emotional intelligence

  • Greater self-awareness

  • Reduced stress

How EDI Mindfulness Can Help Your Organization:

  • Envision a mission-driven culture shift that centers equity
  • Develop an equity framework for decision making in order to administer structural change sustainably and with accountability
  • Change siloed and hostile work environments into collaborative and innovative spaces​
  • Help employees feel belonging and purpose at work, and resolve difficulties engaging, retaining and promoting diverse, talented employees
  • Transform a lack of diversity in recruitment or procurement outcomes into a robust representation of talented people across the demographic spectrum
  • Envision strategies for stronger community stakeholder partnerships​

Impact Orientation

EDI Mindfulness Consulting will provide you with the tools to assess, design, and implement strategic planning for a thriving organization that embraces the assets of a racially equitable, diverse, and inclusive infrastructure, resulting in:

  • A heightened sense of shared purpose and innovation in a diverse workforce​
  • Decision-making with more consistently equitable outcomes
  • Vibrant internal workplace culture
  • Strong relationships with a diverse range of external stakeholders and communities

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