Training and mindful leadership development to build a culture of equity and belonging

Racial Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Foundations Training

Audience: Leadership Teams, All Staff


To develop shared language, awareness, conceptual frameworks, and practice communicating to build a culture of racial equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Normalize personal reflection and conversation about important equity concepts and challenges
  • Build trust in teams through dynamic, interactive engagements
  • Identify key barriers to an inclusive and equitable workplace
  • Learn essential principles and practices supporting equity and belonging
  • Consider applications and accountability for acquired knowledge and tools
  • Workshop format: Phase 1 is a series of 4 workshops, each a standard 4 hours per workshop divided into 2 virtual sessions

Training Series Overview:  Racial Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Foundations 

EDI Mindfulness Training #1:

Racial Equity & Belonging Strategic Framing

Workshop Topics

  1. Distinguish key features of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging, and identify connections to personal values
  2. Compare approaches for dealing with diversity to recognize and change harmful patterns
  3. Recognize 4 dimensions of racism and how covert racism shows up at work
  4. Learn why leading with intersectional anti-racism advances equity and belonging for all

EDI Mindfulness Training #2:

Intersectionality: Power and Culture Change at Work

Workshop Topics

  1. Recognize how our positions of privilege can perpetuate inequities
  2. Identify distinct expressions of racism /isms in workplace culture  
  3. Learn equity & belonging principles for organizational development
  4. Begin applying an intersectional racial equity lens in a snapshot of organizational self-assessment

EDI Mindfulness Training #3:

Countering Bias in People and Practices

Workshop Topics

  1. Understand key attributes of bias
  2. Recognize unconscious bias triggers
  3. Understand how bias reinforces structural inequity
  4. Identify individual and structural unconscious bias interventions

EDI Mindfulness Training #4:

Decision Making with a Racial Equity Lens

Workshop Topics

  1. What: Identify essential attributes of a racial equity lens
  2. Why: Understand why a racial equity lens is valuable for decision making
  3. How: Practice applying a racial equity lens in scenarios for decision making

Mindfulness Foundations for Leadership Centering Equity & Belonging

Audience: Leadership teams, individuals invested in EDI and to doing the personal work contributing to culture change


To cultivate self-awareness, connection, and compassion through mindfulness practices and dialogue supporting authentic leadership and the foundations for a culture of equity and belonging

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Self-Regulate the Nervous System
    • Learn mindfulness practices to reduce stress and develop supportive self-care habits through self-regulation of the nervous system
  • Identify and Counter Bias
    • Develop greater self- and social identity awareness to help counter bias
  • Develop Compassion as a Skill
    • Strengthen self-compassion and compassion for others
  • Build Belonging
    • Build relationships that foster greater connection and a culture of equity and belonging
  • Strengthen Solidarity and Personal Agency 
    • Learn practices that affirm strengths, solidarity, and agency for action

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Mindful Leadership Foundations for Equity & Belonging _ Program Description EDI MINDFULNESS 2023

Fundamentals of Mindfulness with Compassion Training

Audience: All Staff


To equip individuals and teams with mindfulness tools to cultivate wellness, compassion, and stress reduction through easily-accessible somatic meditation practices for use in and outside of the workplace

Program Description

Mindfulness with Compassion” is a guided somatic meditation practice for the cultivation of self-awareness, calm, and compassion, followed by dialogue about applications. The practice invites mindful breathing practices to observe sensations present in the body with non-judgment and kindness. Affirmations may also be offered in the practice of generating goodwill and connection with ourselves and others.


Guided Meditation Practice Series 
Session A: Introduction to Mindfulness with Compassion – 45-55 min

  • ​​Introduction and benefits of meditation
  • Orientation to the practice: posture, practice tips
  • Guided meditation practice exercises
  • Optional application dialogue, Q&A, and practice check-in support
Session B: Mindfulness with Compassion Meditation Practice – 45-55 min

  • ​​Grounding and centering
  • Check in and setting intentions
  • Guided meditation practice exercises (extended)
  • Optional application dialogue, Q&A, and practice check-in support

Key Practice Benefits

There are numerous possible benefits to sustained mindfulness meditation practice, supported by neuroscience research, including:

  • Enhanced focus and clarity

  • Expanded capacity for compassion and emotional intelligence

  • Greater self-awareness

  • Reduced stress

Additional Training Programs

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Additional Training Program Offerings

  • Equity & Belonging Leadership Academy  (Co-Facilitated) 

  • 2-Part Series: Towards a Culture of Equity & Belonging  (Co-Facilitated)

  • Race-Based Caucusing for Racial Equity Leadership & Team-Building  (Co-Facilitated)

  • Mindful Communication for Skillful Leadership Centering Equity & Belonging

How EDI Mindfulness Can Help Your Organization:

  • Envision a mission-driven culture shift that centers equity
  • Develop an equity framework for decision making in order to administer structural change sustainably and with accountability
  • Change siloed and hostile work environments into collaborative and innovative spaces​
  • Help employees feel belonging and purpose at work, and resolve difficulties engaging, retaining and promoting diverse, talented employees
  • Transform a lack of diversity in recruitment or procurement outcomes into a robust representation of talented people across the demographic spectrum
  • Envision strategies for stronger community stakeholder partnerships​

Impact Orientation

EDI Mindfulness Consulting will guide you with the principles, practices, and tools for a thriving organization that embraces a culture of equity and belonging, resulting in:

  • A heightened sense of shared purpose and innovation in a diverse workforce​
  • Decision-making with more consistently equitable outcomes
  • Vibrant internal workplace culture
  • Strong relationships with a diverse range of external stakeholders and communities

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