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The purpose of EDI Mindfulness Consulting is to help leaders, teams, and organizations to collaboratively build and sustain racial equity, diversity, and inclusion within their workplace and in support of the communities they serve

EDI Mindfulness provides organizational development support with tools to make racial equity, diversity, and inclusion competency an integral part of design for important decisions about people, policy, and culture.  

Together we create the structural change necessary for teams and clients in which people of different racial and other intersecting identities experience an inclusive workplace and equitable outcomes.

We can make this ideal real

What are the benefits of equity, diversity, and inclusion?

Although it is not always recognized, equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are essential in strategic planning in organizations to enhance culture, management, and decision-making at every level

How talent is recruited

How resources are utilized

How teams are built

How customers are engaged

How projects are designed and implemented

Consulting Services

Racial Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Training

You can help your teams develop key competencies for organizational equity, build trust and connection within your workplace, and deliver your best work.

Climate Assessment

You can better understand how challenges to racial equity, diversity, and inclusion are showing up in your workplace culture, teams, and operations. Data collected on inequities informs recommended prioritization for structural changes.

Strategic Planning

You can build impact-oriented strategic plans with an intersectional racial equity framework and tools for sustainable institutional change to increase belonging, shared purpose, and equity for all.

Engaging with Mindfulness


Mindfulness is an essential tool for racial and social equity initiatives, as it generates the calm, clarity, and compassion needed to meaningfully engage in this work. The practice of mindfulness involves sustained attentiveness to the present moment and dispassionate observation of the ever-changing flow of internal and external stimuli. There are many techniques used for the development of mindfulness. The term “mindfulness” is a translation of the word “sati” in the Pali language that dates back to around 5 B.C. from the Indian subcontinent. It is an ancient practice for the development of awareness and serenity. It is associated with meditation and is deeply rooted in ethical and philosophical teachings of Buddhism.

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Consulting Alignment

People and organizations aligned with the work of EDI Mindfulness share the beliefs that:

  1. Our mission is larger than simply benefiting ourselves
  2. Racial equity is fundamental for all human beings to live healthy lives
  3. We are at once locally and globally interconnected and interdependent, and therefore our actions -or inactions- have important consequences for our collective wellbeing
  4. Achieving measurable impacts to advance anti-racism and intersectional equity is a shared practice of mindfulness that changes how we understand and engage with people, and power

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